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What kind of water should I used in my Canopy?

While most humidifiers recommend using only distilled water, you can enjoy Canopy with any type of water. Tap water is totally fine to use, as the filter will catch contaminants from the water before it is evaporated.

Why do the lights on Canopy sometimes shut off?

The Night Mode feature automatically shuts Canopy's lights off when the room is darkened and it's time to go to sleep.

Why does my unit sometimes automatically turn on or off?

We designed Canopy to be smart enough to know when to turn on and off for optimal performance & to prevent potential mold growth.

I'm not sure how to use the controls on Canopy.

Canopy has one button which is located on the to grate and labeled "On/Off". Push the button once and Canopy will go into Auto mode (which provides increased hydration at night and less during the day while you're not at home). To control the setting manually, push the button again and Canopy will set to Low. One more press and Canopy will switch to the Medium setting, and a fourth press will set Canopy to High. Push the button once more to turn Canopy off. The "Water" light wilI illuminate when Canopy needs more water in the tank, and "Filter" light will illiuminate when it's time to replace the filter.