Elevate your space and boost your mood with the Canopy Diffuser and Prose’s favorite cool-weather scents.

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Canopy Diffuser
Diffusion Well
Prose x Canopy Aroma Kit (3 Aromas, 3 Aroma Pucks)

Meet the Canopy Diffuser. Our waterless, evaporative technology means no mist or particles are spewed into your air. With two ways to diffuse, the Canopy Diffuser provides a healthful, effective way to diffuse aromas and transform your space into the ultimate place for wellness.

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  • Evaporative diffusion, capacity 500 square feet
  • Waterless technology
  • 3 fan speeds (Low, Medium, High)
  • 2 diffusion options for a reimagined aroma experience
  • USB-C power cord included
  • 0.5lbs, 4in x 4in x 4.2in

Meet our ceramic diffusion accessories

Two options for a customized, clean aroma experience.

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Aroma Puck

Switch it up. Short-term diffusion for changing scents easily and effortlessly.


Place Aroma Puck on top grate. Drop 2-5 drops of oil onto puck. Diffuse. Switch your scent and puck. Repeat.

Diffusion Well

Have a favorite aroma? Fill your space with long lasting scent.


Remove top. Place bottle upside down into the Diffusion Well. Close diffuser. Scent will gradually diffuse over time.

An aroma diffuser unlike the rest

  • No-mist Technology

    Free from bacteria and particles - best for your skin and your health.

  • Anti-mold

    Waterless; no opportunity for mold growth.

  • Diffuse Two Ways

    Aroma Puck and Diffusion Well provide for short or long term diffusion.

  • Easy Clean

    Easy to handle, hassle-free maintenance.

Bring Prose’s Beloved Hair Care Fragrances Beyond the Shower

Handcrafted by French perfumers, Prose creates unique, one of a kind fragrances intended to invigorate and elevate your hair care routine. We’ve teamed up to bring this aroma experience beyond the shower. Diffuse Prose’s elegant cool-weather favorite scents with the Canopy Diffuser.


Prose’s limited edition fall fragrance will re-energize your space and leave you feeling vibrant. With notes of cedar mixed with bursts of citrusy grapefruit and hints of herbal freshness, Arcadia will leave you feeling uplifted and comforted.


Upgrade your space to feel like a cozy Parisian apartment with this powdery and musky scent. Notes of gardenia, sandalwood, and musk are timeless classics that feel warm and light like the perfect cashmere sweater.


Transform your space into an herbal and aromatic wellness studio with this classic Prose scent. With notes of eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary, you can easily create a spa like atmosphere for relaxation and stress relief from your own home.

How It Works

Evaporative Diffusion

No-mist technology means no particles being spewed into your air. Three fan speeds for personalized, clean aroma diffusion.

Completely Waterless

Diffuse aromas or essential oils without any water inside the unit. No diluted scent, just clean, potent diffusion.

Unique Ceramic Accessories

Made from natural diatomite, our accessories let you choose how you diffuse.