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Canopy Diffuser
Diffusion Well
Aroma Sample Kit (1 Aroma, 1 Aroma Puck)

Meet the Canopy Diffuser. Like a glow up for your environment, aroma diffusion is proven to elevate your space, relieve stress and boost your mood. With no mist and no water, our diffuser releases scents into the air without any risk of harmful particles irritating your lungs or skin. The Canopy Diffuser is an entirely different experience, providing the easiest, cleanest way to enjoy aromas.

Click here to learn more about our ceramic diffusion accessories.

  • Diffuses up to 400 square feet
  • Short or long term diffusion
  • Waterless technology
  • USB-C power cord included
  • 3 fan speeds (low, med, high)
  • 0.5lbs, 4in x 4in x 4.2in

Meet our ceramic diffusion accessories

Two options for a customized, clean aroma experience.

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Aroma Puck

Switch it up. Short-term diffusion for changing scents easily and effortlessly.


Place Aroma Puck on top grate. Drop 2-5 drops of oil onto puck. Diffuse. Switch your scent and puck. Repeat.

Diffusion Well

Have a favorite aroma? Fill your space with long lasting scent.


Remove top. Place bottle upside down into the Diffusion Well. Close diffuser. Scent will gradually diffuse over time.

An aroma diffuser unlike the rest

  • No-mist Technology

    Free from bacteria and particles - best for your skin and your health.

  • Anti-mold

    Waterless; no opportunity for mold growth.

  • Diffuse Two Ways

    Aroma Puck and Diffusion Well provide for short or long term diffusion.

  • Easy Clean

    Easy to handle, hassle-free maintenance.

How It Works

Evaporative Diffusion

No-mist technology means no particles being spewed into your air. Three fan speeds for personalized, clean aroma diffusion.

Completely Waterless

Diffuse aromas or essential oils without any water inside the unit. No diluted scent, just clean, potent diffusion.

Unique Ceramic Accessories

Made from natural diatomite, our accessories let you choose how you diffuse.

A Glow Up For Your Home

Canopy Diffuser effortlessly upgrades your home with clean aroma diffusion.

Choose scents based on mood, season, or time of day.

Woman Placing Essential Oils on Canopy Diffuser

The Power of Scent

Reap the benefits of aroma diffusion in your home

Help relieve stress

Energize and boost the mood

Improve well-being

Canopy Signature Aromas

Clean and potent aromas formulated with pure essential oils

Mood boosting notes from nature

Modern scent profiles

Formulated without harmful ingredients

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United States United States
I recommend this product
I ordered a second one

Love this waterless diffuser. My daughter confiscated mine so I had to order another! I prefer to use my own oils. The Canopy oils are too fragrancy for my senses. I'll be ordering another for my office.

Lila W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
A diffuser that actually works

I am very into aromatherapy and home scenting and bought this diffuser because I was sick of the long, extensive cleaning process of all of the diffusers I've used in the past. I love that it requires no water, aka no mold or cleanup. Haven't burned any of my candles since buying this diffuser - it really works.

Lillie W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
No mold or cleaning - so good!

I love this diffuser because I don't have to deal with the annoying cleaning process of a typical diffuser that requires water. Also no mold or build up which makes the overall experience so much more enjoyable. I've thrown out so many cheap diffusers because of mold growth. I also love that I don't have to clean it every time I switch my oil. Doesn't leak or ruin my bedside table and don't have to worry about the oil landing on my skin since there's no mist. So different and definitely my new favorite way to diffuse.

Marinna D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
The diffuser is perfect.

The diffuser is perfect. Tiny and can fit on my night stand or desk. The packaging was adorable and fit the product well. I love the different aromas and they realy fill my entire room within a short period of time. Will absolutley recommend!

Jen M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
I adore my diffuser!

I adore my diffuser! The scents are beautiful and add some zen to my day. The compact size also fits perfectly on my desk. Best of all I love that it doesn't require cleaning or filter changes!!