Canopy x Prose

Promote healthy hair and experience Prose’s beloved cool-weather favorite scents with our latest limited edition collaboration

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Canopy x The Skinny Confidential

The pink humidifier of your dreams

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The World’s Cleanest Humidifier

Wake up to hydrated skin and easy breathing

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Introducing The Canopy Diffuser

An aroma experience unlike the rest

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Canopy Clean Technology

Canopy Humidifier and Canopy Diffuser
  • No-mist Technology

    Free from bacteria and particles - best for your skin and your health.

  • Anti-mold

    Unique technology combats mold growth.

  • Clean Aroma Diffusion

    Ceramic accessories provide the easiest, cleanest way to enjoy aromas.

  • Easy Clean

    Easy to handle, hassle-free maintenance.

The Humidifier, Reimagined

  • Dermatologist recommended for healthy, glowing skin
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of cold, flu, and allergies

Introducing The Canopy Diffuser

  • Mistless, waterless diffusion for clean, scented air
  • Two ways to diffuse for a personal aroma experience
  • Upgrade your environment and elevate your mood
Woman Placing Essential Oils on Canopy Diffuser

For Your Little One

  • Canopy Humidifier is Pediatrician recommended to promote easy breathing and better sleep in the nursery
  • Helps to combat dry skin, cough, and allergies

The Canopy Difference

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Canopy's Unique Process

  • No-Mist Technology

    Invisible clean output

  • Easy Maintenance

    Easy to clean & dishwasher safe

  • Anti-Mold

    Unique technology inhibits mold growth

Traditional Technology

  • Wet Mist

    Harmful particles spewed into your air

  • Endless Cleaning

    Requires pesky weekly upkeep

  • Major Mold Risk

    Provides the perfect environment for mold growth

I've noticed such a difference in my skin since my Canopy humidifier has been plugged in at my bedside. In the morning I wake up with bouncy skin and I love that there's an option for aroma diffusion.

A game-changer for my nightly skincare ritual. Recommending it to everyone I know!

Canopy is the best for my entire family because it's clean, super easy to maintain, and I no longer have to deal with mold growth like my old humidifiers.