The World’s Cleanest Humidifier

Wake up to hydrated skin and easy breathing

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Clean hydration for a happy, healthy baby.

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Meet Canopy

Beauty and wellness start with the air you breathe

Blue Canopy Humidifier
  • Clean Moisture

    No mist - just filtered, hydrated air

  • Anti-mold

    Unique technology stops mold from growing

  • Nightstand Friendly

    Small footprint fits with your life

  • Easy Clean

    Parts are easy to handle and dishwasher safe

Wake Up to Hydrated Skin

Canopy humidifier helps to improve skin health and combats

  • dryness
  • dullness
  • fine lines & wrinkles

Increased efficacy of topical skincare products 

Canopy in the Nursery

Canopy Humidifier is Pediatrician recommended for easy breathing and better sleep

Helps to alleviate symptoms of cold, flu, and allergies

Can help to significantly reduce the spread of airborne viruses

Clean Aroma Diffusion

Place the Aroma Puck on top of Canopy Humidifier and add aroma oil

Enjoy as the scent evaporates into your environment

The Canopy Difference

Forget the hassles and health risks of other humidifiers

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Canopy Humidifier


  • No-Mist Technology

    Invisible clean moisture best for skin and lungs

  • Anti-Microbial Filter

    Catches bacteria and metals in the water

  • SPA™ Technology

    Proprietary technology stops mold from growing

Traditional Humidifier

Traditional Humidifiers

  • Wet Mist

    Messy steam forced into the air

  • Unfiltered Moisture

    Harmful particles carried into your environment

  • Major Mold Risk

    Provides the perfect environment for mold growth

Humidifier Assembly

Hassle-Free Hydration

Using and maintaining Canopy is an absolute breeze

Dr. Dendy Engelman, MD

One of the best & easiest ways to keep skin healthy and looking its best is to use Canopy. This humidifier has been shown to help all skin types look and feel better.

Dr. Dendy Engelman, MD
Cosmetic Dermatologist

  • Effortlessly Hydrated Skin

    Combat dryness, sensitivity, dullness, and fine lines & wrinkles

  • Healthy Skin Barrier

    Protect from bacteria and pollution

  • Supercharge Your Skincare

    Increased efficacy of topical products

I've noticed such a difference in my skin since my Canopy humidifier has been plugged in at my bedside. In the morning I wake up with bouncy skin and I love that there's an option for aroma diffusion.

A game-changer for my nightly skincare ritual. Recommending it to everyone I know!

Canopy is the best for my entire family because it's clean, super easy to maintain, and I no longer have to deal with mold growth like my old humidifiers.