Top side of a Canopy Humidifier

Upgrade Your Environment

We started Canopy to help you unlock the full potential of your beauty and wellness routine. Research showed us that the indoor environment plays a major role in achieving glowing skin and a healthy body and mind. So we developed Canopy - a line of reimagined devices that optimize the home for beauty and wellness.

Why Canopy?

We believe your home should make you healthier. And it shouldn’t take ugly appliances or be a hassle to create a space that works for you.

Woman Reading a Book next to a Canopy Humidifier

Healthy Skin's Best Kept Secret

Canopy Humidifier is dermatologist recommended for improved skin health and hydration. Wake up to hydrated skin.

Woman Sleeping with Canopy Humidifier

A Glow Up For Your Home

Canopy Diffuser effortlessly upgrades your home environment with clean aroma diffusion. 

Choose scents based on mood, season, or time of day.

Woman Placing Essential Oils on Canopy Diffuser

Canopy in the Nursery

Promote easy breathing and better sleep for your little one with Canopy Humidifier’s  clean moisture. 

Baby Laying in Crib Next to Canopy Humidifier

Canopy Clean Technology

Canopy Humidifier and Canopy Diffuser
  • Evaporative Devices

    No-mist technology free from bacteria and particles.

  • Anti-mold

    Unique technology combats mold growth.

  • Clean Aroma Diffusion

    Ceramic accessories provide the easiest, cleanest way to enjoy aromas.

  • Easy Clean

    Easy to handle, hassle-free maintenance.