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How to Create an At-Home Spa Scalp-Care Routine

Although everyone needs “me time,” not everyone has the opportunity to go to a spa for massages, haircare, and other treatments. An at-home spa is a convenient solution for time-pressed individuals. Let your head-to-toe self-care ritual begin with your scalp. Keep reading to learn how to take care of your scalp and why it matters.

The Importance of Scalp Care 

The road to healthy hair begins with scalp care. Your scalp has hundreds of sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum, an oil that hair follicles need to survive. Too little sebum can cause flakes, dryness, itching, hair breakage, and general discomfort. Too much can cause inflammation and dead skin cell buildup, leading to dandruff.

Managing scalp dryness, oiliness, and irritation will improve the conditions for hair growth, keep locks strong, and keep dandruff away.  

Your New Scalp-Care Routine for a Spa-Like Experience

Visiting a spa provides a chance to unwind while being pampered. However, creating a spa-like experience at home doesn’t require a team of professionals. Set the atmosphere to start. Put a soothing fragrance in a Canopy Aroma Diffuser. The by/rosie jane Aroma Kit contains the Calm blend, a harmonious mix of lavender, neroli, and chamomile oils. Create a playlist of nature sounds, like waterfalls, chirping birds, and other pleasant ambient noises to clear your mind. The warm glow from sconces and overhead light fixtures can enhance the cozy, tranquil environment. 

Address Your Scalp’s Needs

A dry scalp benefits from moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera. Deep conditioners and hot oil treatments are moisturizing remedies for dry scalps. Products with tea tree oil have properties to remove dandruff-causing yeast, dead skin cells, and grime buildup.

Massage Your Scalp

Woman washing hair and massaging scalp in shower

Although you can rub the products on your scalp with your fingers, purchasing a scalp massager is worth it. Gently rub the handheld tool on your scalp using circular motions. The plastic or silicone teeth work the product into the scalp, lift dead skin cells, and remove hair follicle-clogging debris. These haircare tools are more effective than the pads of your fingers and gentler than your nails.

Massaging increases blood flow, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to the scalp. Massaging the scalp also affects nerve endings to help de-stress.

Improve Water Quality      

Water temperature and quality affect your scalp, too. Washing in hot water (between 100 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit) is okay, as the heat opens pores to help scalp treatments get to hair follicles. Avoid extremely hot water though, as it will irritate and dry out the scalp.   

Similarly, the chlorine and hard minerals in unfiltered water have a drying effect. When you shampoo, the calcium, magnesium, and iron deposits prevent a foamy lather. Hair product residue creates a coating that prevents beneficial oils from penetrating the scalp.

A Canopy Filtered Showerhead contains granular activated carbon, kinetic degradation fluxion, and calcium sulfite media to keep chlorine, hard minerals, and metals away from your scalp. Each showerhead comes with hanging diffuser tabs that you can pair with your favorite fragrance.

Hydrate Your Home

Dry air soaks up moisture from your scalp. If that wasn’t bad enough, it also dries out your throat and nasal passages, leading to painful sore throats and dry sinuses. Adjusting home humidity to be between 40% and 60% can provide some relief (or prevent these issues), especially in fall and winter when central heating dries out the air even more.

A humidifier releases water vapor into the air to moisturize the scalp and manage dryness, dandruff, and discomfort caused by different skin conditions. Boosting hair moisture prevents the frizz that leads to bad hair days. The original Canopy Bedside Humidifier hydrates up to 500 square feet. Put it on your nightstand to moisten the air while you sleep. The Large Room Humidifier hydrates 1,000 square feet, making it perfect for common areas. No matter where you want to hang out after your at-home scalp treatment, you can enjoy clean, healthy hydration and a sophisticated signature scent.