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Are Humidifiers Good for Pets?

Like humans, pets can encounter a number of health challenges caused by dry air. While you may already know the benefits of running a humidifier for yourself, most pet owners wonder: Are humidifiers good for dogs and cats? Let’s take a look.

How Humidifiers Can Benefit Pets

Air that’s too dry can lead to health issues for you and your pet. This is especially problematic in the winter when the air has less humidity both indoors and outdoors. Many people notice dry skin and sinus and respiratory issues—troubles that can also show up in our animal companions. Fortunately, humidifiers help address these issues.

Soothe Dry Skin

When there’s insufficient moisture in the air, your pet’s skin can become dry. Not only will this make their coat look dull and cause dandruff to develop, but it can also make them feel itchy. In the worst-case scenario, your dog or cat could scratch excessively at their skin, causing irritation and sores. Fortunately, humidifiers curb dry skin for both humans and pets by reintroducing moisture in the air.

Alleviate Breathing Issues

Like humans, pets can experience asthma and allergies. Mold, dust, and other contaminants in your indoor air can trigger symptoms in the whole family, furry friends included. If your pet spends more time indoors throughout the cooler winter months, they’ll be even more exposed to these allergens. Replenishing the air’s moisture can help open their air passages, making breathing easier. This can be especially helpful at night when dry air could lead to snoring or other breathing issues.

Control Disease Transmission

Dogs and cats can get colds, too, leading to symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing. Germs travel more freely through dry air, so ensuring your home’s air has an appropriate level of moisture can keep viruses and bacteria at bay. Even if your pet gets sick, having moist air can help loosen mucus to alleviate congestion and other irritating symptoms.

Humidifier Safety for Pets

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The benefits of having a humidifier for your pets are clear, but are they considered safe for your furry friend? The short answer is yes, as long as you follow some basic safety tips.

Are Humidifiers Safe for Dogs?

One of the greatest risks of having a humidifier around your dog is that they could knock it over and cause burns. Fortunately, there are two simple ways to address this risk. First, be sure to use a humidifier that emits cool air instead of one that releases steam and operates at high temperatures. Next, keep your humidifier in a spot where they can’t get to it, such as an elevated surface. Protect the power cord by tucking it behind a piece of furniture or using adhesive cable clips to hold it flush against the wall.

Additionally, be sure to maintain enough clearance around the device to reduce the risk of mold development; otherwise, the continuous release of moisture could cause nearby fabrics to become excessively damp. And, since mold can cause respiratory issues in dogs, a mold-inhibiting model is best.

Are Humidifiers Safe for Cats?

As with dogs, you’ll need to keep your humidifier in a spot where curious cats can’t reach it. Since some cats are climbers, this may mean having to get creative with your humidifier’s placement. You could place it on a shelf that can’t be accessed through climbing, for example. Even if your cat can reach that spot, a humidifier with a wide base is less likely to tip over or get knocked down.

Again, avoid warm mist humidifiers, as clever kittens could experience burns from knocking over a hot device. A mold-inhibiting humidifier that emits cool, hydrated air is safest for pets and humans alike.

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