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Can I Use a Humidifier Around Succulents?

If you love surrounding yourself with house plants, you might be thinking about leafy varieties. But succulents and cacti are beautiful additions to any space, especially if you’re looking for something low-maintenance. Since these plants tend to live in very warm, dry environments, you might be wondering how well they do indoors, where they’ll be subjected to different light, heat, and moisture conditions. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your plants are receiving the best possible care. Here, we’ll dive deep into succulents and humidity to get you started.

Do Succulents Like Humidity? 

Running a humidifier is an easy way to keep plants hydrated between waterings. But if you’ve recently purchased succulents and are wondering whether they like humidity, you’re not alone. Plants require a certain level of care to survive indoors, and learning about their unique needs makes it easier to help them last longer.

While most plants love humidity and thrive in moist conditions, succulents do not. These plants have evolved to withstand dry climates and therefore don’t require as much moisture as other types.

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Succulents are known to store water in their leaves, so too much humidity can spell danger. When exposed to high amounts of moisture in the air, succulents can begin to develop fungal problems and eventually rot. While it is generally not advisable to use a humidifier around succulents, you can do so safely by maintaining balanced levels of humidity. Even though succulents live in some harsh outdoor conditions, they are delicate indoors; the wrong conditions can make it impossible for them to thrive. 

Using a Humidifier Around Succulents

When it comes to the ideal succulent habitat, the less humidity, the better. Overly humid environments can stress succulents more rapidly due to changing water balance within each cell. If the room’s relative humidity (RH) is higher than 40%, for example, there are too many particles in the air for perspiration to evaporate properly. This can result in higher levels of heat and moisture, which are dangerous conditions for succulents.

On the other hand, low humidity can be harmful to succulents, too. When the RH reads below 40%, there aren’t enough particles in the air in order to absorb any perspiration. Several factors can contribute to low humidity indoors, including air conditioners, extremely cold conditions, and even your heating system. Overly dry conditions can cause succulents to dry out and become brittle. Using a humidifier to keep moisture levels balanced, around 50%, can help your plants thrive in their new environment. 

Do Cacti Like Humidity? 

Cactus plants are a type of succulent, so many people have both in their collections. If you’re wondering whether cacti like humidity any more than other succulents do, the answer is: not typically. The ideal cactus environment is similar to the ideal succulent environment in that too much humidity can impede its ability to grow. 

Like succulents, cacti store water within the plant, so both types are low-maintenance and tolerant of drought conditions. This also means they’re both susceptible to humidity variations in the same way. But with a little practice and research, they’re also attractive options that can flourish indoors. If your home gets dry, it’s very important to exercise caution when using a humidifier around these coveted house plants so they continue to grow and look beautiful.

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