contemporary bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom Décor Ideas

Vintage and farmhouse style might be having their moments in home design, but when you prefer clean lines and a sleeker style, it’s hard to beat contemporary décor. A contemporary bathroom exudes quiet luxury, with functional, well-organized spaces that feel calm and tranquil. 

Simplicity is the foundation of a contemporary bathroom design, but forgoing unnecessary clutter or adornments doesn’t mean sacrificing style or living in a stark and boring space. In fact, the subtle details and luxe elements make modern contemporary bathrooms a sought-after style that’s easier to achieve than you might expect. 

If the idea of a minimalist space that perfectly straddles the line between form and function appeals to you, try some of these contemporary bathroom ideas. 

3 Steps to Creating a Contemporary Bathroom

1. Eliminate the Elaborate 

Designing a contemporary bathroom means eschewing elaborate and intricate designs in favor of simple, clean lines. You won’t find detailed molding or wainscoting on the walls, penny or hex tile floors, or ornate accessories like carved mirrors or door handles and knobs. 

What you will find in a contemporary bathroom design is plenty of glass, freestanding tubs, floating vanities, flat panel doors and drawers, and minimalist fixtures. While a vintage-style bathroom might feature a retro color palette or muted pastels, a contemporary bathroom typically features a neutral color scheme or classic black and white punctuated by saturated colors. 

The overall feeling of modern contemporary bathrooms is one of relaxation, plenty of open space, and a restful retreat. This isn’t the place for bold floral prints, retro-inspired sherbet hues, or cluttered surfaces. Keep it simple and eliminate the elaborate for an up-to-date space.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements and Geometry

Canopy filtered showerhead in polished chrome

Although contemporary bathroom design relies heavily on technology and modern upgrades to elements like the showerhead, it also draws inspiration from nature. This is especially true when it comes to surface textures. Marble with natural veining, stonework, and color palettes pulled from nature are all at home in a contemporary bathroom. Incorporating plants (even faux plants) adds color, texture, and a nature-inspired element into the space.

Although many modern-style bathrooms use natural stone and textures to add depth, this isn’t the place for soft lines and curves. Contemporary styles rely heavily on straight lines, squares, and precise geometric forms. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the use of tile: Unique shapes, bold graphic prints, or an unexpected finish make modern statements. 

3. Make Showering an Experience 

Two of the hallmarks of a contemporary bathroom are a freestanding tub and a separate shower with a glass enclosure. Whether you choose a complete shower stall with sliding or hinged glass doors or an open design without a door, glass showers open up the space and make it feel airier while also adding a minimalist touch.

The lack of adornment on the shower enclosure doesn’t detract from the luxury of washing up in a modern bathroom. In fact, the emphasis on including technology in contemporary bathroom design means that while fixtures may appear minimalist, they are anything but basic. Adding a luxurious shower head makes every shower a healthier and more relaxing experience. Canopy’s Filtered Showerhead eliminates excess chlorine and other contaminants from the water and adds soothing aromatherapy to elevate the showering experience. 

In addition to a simple yet full-featured matte black, polished chrome, or brushed nickel showerhead, choose minimalist faucets and fixtures for a contemporary space. Again, clean, simple lines in classic finishes on a single handle or wall-mount faucet work perfectly with this style. Choose fixtures that include advanced features, like touchless operation or smart controls, to bring technology into the bathroom and create a contemporary retreat.

Design Your Contemporary Bathroom 

A contemporary bathroom may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it lacks personality. Using color, texture, and elements that speak to you, you can design a truly unique room with a modern twist. 

Whatever your bathroom décor style, check out Canopy’s Filtered Showerhead for a more luxurious shower without worries about contaminants and minerals in the water. The simple design and luxe finishes work with every bathroom aesthetic. Explore the options today and experience the difference for yourself.