Industrial bathroom design with black plumbing fixtures

Industrial Bathroom Décor Ideas

If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, the industrial look is one style to consider. Inspired by heavy-duty machinery and factory settings, the striking trend is more accessible in bathrooms than in most other rooms since the plumbing fixtures evoke the hardware found in industrial spaces. This aesthetic can be surprisingly chic and welcoming, with all the relaxing spa-like touches you expect in a modern bathroom.

7 Steps to Designing an Industrial-Inspired Bathroom

1. Select Rugged Materials

When designing an industrial-style bathroom, you’ll want to avoid glossy finishes and details that evoke glamor. The industrial style can be elevated and lux, but it still relies on less refined materials, such as concrete, steel, and wood. Concrete is easy to work in as flooring, while wood can be used as a vanity or shelving. Choose exposed metal hardware—like brackets for wood shelves and hinges, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles for the vanity—for an additional industrial touch.

2. Try Subway Tiles

Tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms because they resist mold and wipe down quickly, but mosaics and other patterns can appear too busy in this design scheme. To stick with the industrial theme, consider subway tiles with a simple offset layout. White is a classic, but dark gray or black can add a particularly moody accent to an industrial-style bathroom—especially when used as the backsplash. Molded and textured tiles add subtle dimension to a simple color scheme, or you can add a dark border to a white shower enclosure to add structure and contrast.

3. Let the Plumbing Fixtures Steal the Show

Adjusting matte black Canopy showerhead

Exposed piping and ductwork are hallmarks of industrial style. When designing a bathroom, the idea is to translate those factory elements to a space that still feels comfortable and personal. Exposed plumbing is one of the easiest ways to recreate the look, and the showerhead is an obvious starting point. A matte black shower head instantly evokes the industrial look, but a polished chrome shower head can help brighten a small bathroom by reflecting light. Opting for a brass shower head can help warm up the space, especially if you’re using gray elsewhere in the design.

These metals evoke an edgy look that’s perfect for industrial décor bathrooms. Then, choose a faucet in the same metal for a cohesive look. If possible, consider installing a floating sink to expose the piping underneath, especially if it matches the other fixtures. Your accessories, like the towel bar, toilet paper holder, and even soap dispenser, should also match.   

4. Consider a Glass Shower

While it’s not impossible to achieve an industrial bathroom with a shower curtain, fabrics can detract from the strategically unfinished look you’re trying to achieve. If your bathroom makeover is part of a larger remodeling project, consider installing a glass shower. A solid glass door will make the room appear larger, allowing your brass, polished chrome, or matte black showerhead to stand out. Remember to choose hardware that matches the rest of your metal fixtures for a cohesive finish.

5. Incorporate Industrial Lighting

Light fixtures have a significant effect on the look and feel of a space. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from regarding industrial décor. Bathrooms should be well-lit to provide enough visibility while getting ready, but there should also be dimmer options for a relaxing bath at the end of the day. Hanging exposed bulbs with a dimming feature is one option, but caged sconces and pendant lighting can add some industrial flair.

6. Paint It Black

Painting any surface in your home black can seem daunting, but the bold move can pay off in an industrial-style bathroom. You might consider painting one wall black or cultivating a factory-like feel with a black ceiling. Another option is using black trim for a sharp statement throughout your space. Just be sure to incorporate other black features to balance it out, such as a matte black shower head, mirror, faucet, and hardware.

7. Keep Décor Understated

Putting the finishing touches on your industrial bathroom is easy since the décor should be minimal. Consider a towel ladder in an industrial finish, a pared-down soap dispenser in a neutral color, and metal-framed mirrors. Avoid wicker or other materials that create texture and warmth, and instead aim for materials, shapes, and patterns that support a factory-like feel.

For a true spa finish to your industrial bathroom, opt for a Canopy Filtered Showerhead. The simple tool-free installation makes upgrading your space a breeze, and the built-in filter helps reduce dissolved minerals and added chlorine to promote healthier skin and hair. The simple, elegant design fits a wide range of décor styles, so it’s an easy choice for any home.