Minimalist white bathroom with marble tile walls and matte black plumbing fixtures

Minimalist Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is often the first and last room you visit. You might start your day with a shower to wake you up and end the day with a bath to wind down. If you're considering renovating your bathroom, there are many reasons to opt for a minimalist look. 

A minimalist bathroom design can make the space look modern and spacious. You can put towels, toiletries, and clutter in large closets and drawers, creating a peaceful atmosphere. To guide your décor decisions, here are some minimalist bathroom ideas to consider, emphasizing metal finishes.

3 Ways to Design a Minimalist Bathroom

1. Warm and Cozy

Mixing and matching materials can work wonders to create a warm and inviting vibe in your minimalist bathroom. To introduce a touch of warmth and texture, consider installing teak wood flooring, known for its rich golden honey hue. For shelving and wall-mounted cabinetry, light beige oak is modern and sleek. 

Place a circular or square porcelain sink on top of the cabinets to add some contrast and dimension. For the vanity frame, brass is an antique gold color that can provide warmth, too. Choose faucets, levers, and drawer pulls with a brass finish to maintain the warm and inviting color scheme.

When designing a space, remember the light fixtures. A pendant or sculptural chandelier made of brass can become the room's centerpiece. To create layered lighting, consider installing flush-mounted lights on the walls and adding a dimmer switch for added control. For a unique touch, incorporate a brass shower head and exposed water pipes in the shower stall to contrast with an off-white subway tile backsplash.

2. Black and White

Adjusting matte black Canopy Filtered Showerhead

The black-and-white color scheme is timeless and adds a touch of sophistication to any minimalist bathroom décor. You can achieve a glossy effect on the walls and flooring by using large rectangular or square tiles made of black marble. Consider pairing matte black towel racks, circular sconces, hooks, and drawer pulls with floating dark gray fiberglass cabinets and open shelving for a slight tonal difference and textural contrast. Incorporate matte black accents in the shower stall, too. A matte black shower head, bench, and shelf complement a reflective backsplash made of black-and-white mosaic tiles.

Incorporate light elements into your bathroom design to avoid an overly moody atmosphere. A porcelain sink basin, a floating toilet, and a wooden radiator covered with white slats can help break up darker colors. Adding a splash of color is always a good idea and can be achieved with a large potted plant near a window and mossy plants placed in small white porcelain vases on the window ledge. An orchid in a white vase on the vanity counter can complete the look.

3. Airy and Industrial  

If you live in a home with industrial-style elements in the bathroom, such as factory windows or concrete flooring, use décor to enhance the minimalist, industrial aesthetic. Resurface the concrete to fix minor cracks, chips, and other superficial damage. Apply a stain to make the gray color lighter or darker. To add dimension and make the space feel airy and inviting, use a lighter concrete color for open shelving under the sink along one wall. Cover the large windows with white linen curtains. 

Polished chrome and brushed nickel finishes can enhance the monochrome palette. Polished chrome is smooth and shiny with a silver tone, which is perfect if you want mirror-like surfaces to contrast with the rough texture of concrete. If you prefer an all-over textured look, brushed nickel might suit your liking. Brushed nickel is slightly darker than polished chrome and has etching to create a textured or brushed surface.

Choose one finish or incorporate both in your minimalist bathroom décor. For example, polished chrome or brushed nickel-finished containers are practical storage solutions. The containers will help conceal clutter on the open shelving. To give the bathroom a lived-in feel, place a few folded white towels in one cubby hole, a small potted plant in another, and a vase or framed photo in a third.  

Sconces with polished chrome or brushed nickel finish on either side of the vanity mirror create a sense of cohesion. These metal finishes are also good options for towel racks, door hooks, and ceiling light fixtures.

The backsplash in the shower stall can be the focal point of the minimalist bathroom. Saturated primary shades—like emerald green, cobalt blue, or ruby red—can be eye-catching accents and a refreshing break from gray tones. To complete the minimalist design scheme, use polished chrome or brushed nickel-finished showerheads, faucets, and handles.

If you want to update your showerhead to match your minimalist bathroom décor, Canopy’s Filtered Showerhead is an elegant and effective choice. Available in brass, matte black, polished chrome, and brushed nickel finishes, it removes excess chlorine and other impurities, leaving you with happier, healthier hair and skin. The simple tool-free installation makes finishing your bathroom makeover easier than ever.