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Renter-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

While being a renter may limit your remodeling possibilities, you can still make meaningful upgrades to your home so it feels more like your own. The bathroom is the perfect space for enhancements that cultivate a calming atmosphere for your morning and evening routines. While you’ll want to review your lease agreement before pursuing any projects to confirm what’s allowed and what’s not, here are a few rental-friendly bathroom upgrades to consider.

5 Easy Ways Renters Can Update Their Bathroom

1. Upgrade the Lighting

If the light fixtures in your bathroom don’t align with your vision for the space, consider swapping them out for lighting that does. As long as you use light fixtures of a similar size, you should be able to install new lighting with little fuss. Just be sure to consult an electrician for any wiring needs.

If you’re not feeling quite that adventurous, swapping out harsh fluorescent bulbs for soft or warm LEDs could help create a more soothing space. Just keep the existing light fixtures or bulbs to swap back in before you move out.

2. Place Peel & Stick Wallpaper

One upgrade that can have the most significant impact on your bathroom’s aesthetic is the use of peel-and-stick wallpaper. Even if your lease prohibits painting, you can completely transform the look and color of your bathroom with this simple enhancement. There are endless options in shades, designs, and patterns, so choose something that speaks to you. Consider placing the paper on a single wall for a wow-worthy accent.

3. Choose a Fun Shower Curtain

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One of the largest spaces in the room is the shower, so it makes sense that the shower curtain will significantly affect the room’s overall design. If you have a smaller bathroom and want it to appear larger, choose a neutral shower curtain in a light color to create the illusion of added space. A woven texture or light tonal pattern adds interest without becoming overwhelming.

Consider a patterned shower curtain if you have more room to work with and want to create an eclectic vibe. You can choose a design with colors that match the walls or select a complementing color for a cohesive effect. If you have a plain white bathroom, any color or pattern will work. Just remember to include your towels and bathmat in your design idea for a stylish, intentional look.

4. Lean Into the Aesthetic

Even if the fixtures feel dated, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pull off any major bathroom updates as a renter. Instead, consider going with the retro vibe by making small changes that work with the style. Many dated styles are making a resurgence, including colored tile. Choose antique decorations, like period-appropriate wall art, and match your towels and accessories to the color scheme.

5. Replace the Shower Head

While it may not have the most significant visual impact on your space, a new rental-friendly shower head is an upgrade that’s worth pursuing. It can tremendously affect your shower experience, especially because many dated models don’t have the features today’s shower heads offer. For instance, most typical apartment shower heads don’t filter the water, which can help eliminate the chlorine and minerals that strip away your hair and skin’s natural oils. Installing a carbon filter shower head is a simple but powerful investment you can make to preserve your hair, skin, and nails.

Even if you’re new to DIY home projects, swapping out your apartment shower head is a task beginners can confidently tackle; grab an adjustable wrench, a rag, and plumber’s tape along with your new filtered shower head before you begin. Secure the wrench around the notch of the existing shower head, then turn it counterclockwise to loosen it. Remove it gently using both hands. If you notice a buildup of minerals or other debris, use the rag to remove the grime. Next, wrap the pipe threads with the plumber’s tape, applying a few layers. Turn the new head clockwise onto the base until it feels secure.

Canopy is your choice for reimagined household devices that effortlessly optimize your home for beauty and wellness, from your bedroom oasis to your active family spaces. And we’re ready to help you upgrade one of the most important parts of your routine—the shower. Our new easy-to-install filtered shower head reduces dissolved minerals, added chlorine, and other contaminants in your household water, providing clean water that supports healthy skin and hair. Say goodbye to dull skin, brittle hair, and flaky scalp and hello to healthy skin and scalp and longer-lasting hair color.

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