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Should a Humidifier Be Part of Your Pregnancy Wellness Plan?

Awaiting the birth of a baby is an exciting time. As your body undergoes significant changes, it’s important to focus on your comfort and well-being. While some developments give you clues about your baby’s growth, other symptoms are less pleasant to deal with—especially when they interfere with your ability to rest and get through the day. You might be surprised to learn that using a humidifier can make getting comfortable a whole lot easier when you're expecting.

Why Use a Humidifier During Pregnancy?

Relieve Congestion for Better Relaxation

Congestion during pregnancy, also known as pregnancy rhinitis, is caused by several factors. The body experiences increased blood volume and fluids to supply the fetus with nutrients, and that includes the fluids in your nasal passages and respiratory tract. At the same time, the blood vessels in the nose can also become swollen. You may experience symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, and postnasal drip, which can also lead to coughing and snoring at night.

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Sleeping with your head elevated and using nasal saline spray may help relieve congestion and control a persistent cough. Using a humidifier during pregnancy is also an effective way to curb congestion. It will increase moisture in the air in your sleep environment, helping keep your nasal passages and respiratory tract well-hydrated to reduce irritation. Increased moisture levels also help to loosen mucus, making it easier to expel for better breathing.

If coughing, congestion, and snoring are leading to restlessness, using a humidifier while pregnant is a great way to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms and get quality, restful sleep.

Wake Up to Nourished Skin 

Many women find that their skin becomes itchy and dry throughout pregnancy. This is caused by an increase in hormone levels, which causes the skin's hydrolipidic barrier to thin. This oily barrier helps prevent moisture from evaporating, allowing the skin to stay hydrated. But when it becomes thinner or breaks down, moisture escapes. As a result, dry skin during pregnancy is a common complaint among women as early as the first trimester.

You can do several things to keep your skin hydrated despite hormonal changes. You'll want to find a pregnancy-safe moisturizer with natural ingredients and apply it each morning and night. It’s also beneficial to avoid long, hot showers and itchy fabrics, which can irritate the skin.

Running a humidifier is another simple way to combat dry skin during pregnancy. When indoor air is too dry, it can exacerbate skin issues. Most homes don't have adequate indoor humidity of 40 to 60%, making it even more difficult for the skin to retain ample moisture. Since a humidifier adds moisture to the air, it helps keep skin hydrated through pregnancy and beyond.

Women can experience difficulty sleeping during any stage of pregnancy. Elevated hormone levels, pressure on your bladder and other organs from a growing baby, and symptoms like heartburn can make sleeping difficult.

How to Use a Humidifier Safely During Pregnancy

While a humidifier isn’t designed to help with heartburn and pressure on your organs as the baby grows, it offers some valuable benefits that help you stay well-rested and comfortable. There are some best practices to follow to ensure you're using it safely. Most importantly, keep humidity levels between 30 and 50% to prevent excess moisture from creating problems around the house. It's also essential to ensure the humidifier is cleaned regularly to prevent mold growth.  

Cleanliness and optimal moisture are just two of Canopy’s standout features. As the world's cleanest humidifier, our devices produce no visible mist or steam—just filtered, hydrated air. The tray and tank are dishwasher-safe, and the filtration system features mold-inhibiting technology to ensure the purest, most breathable air for everyone in your family. Try our original humidifier in the bedroom and our Humidifier Plus for spaces up to 1,000 square feet.