Canopy X The Sill Aroma Kit

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Canopy X The Sill Aroma Kit

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Canopy is a completely reimagined humidifier that provides optimal hydration for humans and house plants alike. The Sill helps connect people to plants and nature. We’ve teamed up to launch a collection of premium home fragrances for Canopy’s built-in aroma diffuser.

This limited edition kit contains 3 premium home fragrance oils plus three ceramic diffusion pucks. Our oils are vegan & cruelty free and free from parabens and phthalates. 

Aromas in the Kit

  • Forest
    Transparent Amber, Wild Jasmine, and Green Musk blend together in this rich, woodsy fragrance.
  • Greenhouse
    Eucalyptus, Trailing Ivy, and Pear Blossom meld in this refreshing yet gently sweet aroma.
  • Flower Market
    Notes of Blue Hydrangea, Hyacinth, and Pink Grapefruit combine in this smooth, sophisticated floral blend.

How to Use

  • Place the diffuser puck on Canopy's top grate.
  • Add 2-5 drops of oil to puck and the scent will naturally evaporate into the air around you.
  • Kit can also be used on its own by placing the puck on your desired surface and adding oil.

Includes: 3 5ml home fragrance oils, 3 ceramic diffusion pucks.

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Canopy Diffusing Puck

Clean Home Scenting

Canopy's built in aroma diffuser is healthful and easy

Meet Canopy

Beauty and wellness start with the air you breathe

Blue Canopy Humidifier
  • Clean Moisture

    No mist - just filtered, hydrated air

  • Anti-mold

    Unique technology stops mold from growing

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    Small footprint fits with your life

  • Easy Clean

    Parts are easy to handle and dishwasher safe