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Canopy Humidifier
Limited Edition Vacation in a Box Aroma Kit

Canopy is a completely reimagined humidifier that promotes healthy, glowing skin and relieves symptoms of cold and flu without the hassles of traditional humidifiers. Designed with proprietary technology for clean, filtered moisture, Canopy is the always-on solution for the ultimate skincare and wellness routine.

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  • Hydrates rooms up to 500 square feet
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 2.5 liter tank, up to 36 hours of running time
  • USB-C power cord included
  • Smart sensors maintain optimal moisture day and night
  • 3lbs (1.5kg), 10in x 7in x 8.5in

FREE HYKU Aroma Kit with Purchase
Use your free gift with Canopy's built in aroma diffuser.

About Filter Delivery

The Canopy Anti-Microbrial filter catches bacteria, metals, and other particles in the water before it is evaporated into the air. Made from wood pulp, our filters are 2 times more effective than synthetic filters. Slight discoloration will appear shortly after use begins - this means the filter is working. Canopy's filter light will illuminate when it's time for a replacement.
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Meet Canopy

Beauty and wellness starts with the air you breathe

Canopy Humidifier
  • Clean Moisture

    No mist - just filtered, hydrated air

  • Anti-mold

    Unique technology stops mold from growing

  • Nightstand Friendly

    Small footprint fits with your life

  • Easy Clean

    Parts are easy to handle and dishwasher safe

Canopy's Unique Technology

Canopy is the only anti-mold humidifier. Smart sensors know to continue running if there is any water left inside. No water left behind means mold can't grow.

Canopy Components
  • Paper Based Filter

    Stops contaminants in the water from entering your air

  • Embedded UV Lights

    Kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold and viruses in the water

  • Auto Mode

    Increased humidity at night when your skin needs it the most

Wake Up to Hydrated Skin

Canopy humidifier helps to improve skin health and combats

  • dryness
  • dullness
  • fine lines & wrinkles

Increased efficacy of topical skincare products 

Hydrate Skin

Breathe in Wellness

Alleviate symptoms of cold, flu, and allergies

  • nasal congestion
  • sinus irritation
  • cough

Canopy humidifier helps reduce the spread of viruses indoors

Humidifier for Children

Clean Aroma Diffusion

Place the diffuser puck on top of Canopy and add fragrance oil

Enjoy as the scent evaporates into your environment

Aroma Diffusion
Dr. Dendy Engelman, MD

One of the best & easiest ways to keep skin healthy and looking its best is to use Canopy. This humidifier has been shown to help all skin types look and feel better.

Dr. Dendy Engelman, MD
Cosmetic Dermatologist

Essential for a great skincare routine

  • Effortlessly Hydrated Skin

    Combat dryness, sensitivity, dullness, and fine lines & wrinkles

  • Healthy Skin Barrier

    Protect from bacteria and pollution

  • Supercharge Your Skincare

    Increased efficacy of topical products

Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 18 Reviews
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Amanda W.
United States United States
Great so far...

I’ve only had the Canopy Humidifier for a week. I was super impressed by how it was packed in the box. Attention to detail on point and everything can be recycled! The humidifier itself is super easy to use and the aromatherapy pack is a nice touch. As someone who runs on the dryer side, this has been a nice help. I dread turning on the heat knowing what it does to my skin and hair. So far, my skin, nose, and throat have stayed moisturized throughout the night which is a nice change. Looking forward to having this for the middle of winter to really put it to the test.

Sharon R.
United States United States
Compact and efficient

Great! Very simple to get started. It's very easy to fill and puts out about a half gallon of water into the air daily. Fairly quiet even on medium. I haven't had the need to take it apart yet and wash it in the dishwasher. I'm not sure how often this is necessary. I wish there was a way to turn off the light, although it is pretty dim.

United States United States
Goodbye Morning Dryness

I love it! The air feels easier to breathe, but it’s not heavy with moisture or mugginess. I LOVE that it leaves absolutely NO water in the tray. I’m terrified of mold and that really brings me peace.

United States United States

Okay, I was a little skeptical - seeing as I bought this because it kept coming up on advertising via instagram. Right out of the box I was thrilled to see that the packaging was completely recyclable and everything was eco-friendly (even down to the packaging tape). The system is super easy to assemble and the water in the reservoir lasts a good 24 hours on the auto setting. It surprised me that it never "technically" turns off and this is because of the anti-mold factor. The system doesn't want water to sit so after a few of being in the "off" position, it turns itself back on - which wigged me out a bit at first. Overall, would recommend 10/10 to anyone suffering from indoor dryness (my reason being my NYC apartment heaters). I can't wait to change out the filter in a month!

United States United States
Auto Setting and Diffuser Makes It

The diffuser set that comes with this humidifier is so amazing with great designs and scents; it’s one of my favorite things about the Canopy humidifier. The design of the overall Canopy is chic, small and comes in so many colors. I got the blue, and it’s almost like an ice blue. I love the automatic settings, saving energy throughout the day and really delivering the moisture at night. Highly recommend!