Boho-style bathroom

Boho Bathroom Décor Ideas

A free-spirited décor style that mixes different artistic influences and cultural elements, boho decor has been around for decades but is showing no signs of going out of style. Short for Bohemian style, boho décor can make any space inside your home come to life—including your bathroom. 

If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, incorporating boho trends is an excellent way to create the perfect getaway. Get inspired with the following boho bathroom ideas to incorporate into your living space.

9 Boho Bathroom Décor Trends

1. Add Color

Since boho style often emphasizes natural materials, many Bohemian bathroom décor themes are characterized by earthy shades. While off-white, beige, brown, and other neutrals are popular, you can still play with colors in your space.

Forest green, mustard yellow, and even various shades of red are a few other options to consider. If you’re hesitant to go all-in with a bold color, consider keeping the walls and tile neutral, then add accents in the hue of your choice.

2. Incorporate Wooden Features

Wooden shelving and wood-rimmed mirrors allow you to integrate natural materials into your boho-style bathroom. Other ways to add wood include placing a wooden towel rack against the wall, hanging pictures with wooden frames, or placing a wooden stool, shelf, or a piece of small furniture somewhere in the space.  

3. Place Potted Plants

Bring your boho bathroom décor to life by incorporating plenty of potted plants into the room. When selecting plants, look for varieties that thrive in moisture-heavy areas. Ferns, snake plants, and spider plants tend to enjoy humid bathrooms, even with minimal natural light. You can also use plant stands at varying heights to create a striking visual impact.

4. Use Texture

It may seem challenging to incorporate texture into a bathroom where most of the surfaces are smooth and clean. Yet, there are still opportunities to introduce different textured materials. 

For instance, you might consider a shaggy, washable rug to add warmth to the space. Place woven baskets and macramé plant hangers or wall hangings to further cozy up the room. Towels are also an excellent way to add more texture: you could hang a decorative towel with tassels, for instance, or place a woven hand towel near the sink.

5. Choose the Right Hardware

Adjusting Canopy Filtered Showerhead in brass

Unlike industrial aesthetics, in which hardware is meant to stand out, boho-style bathrooms are all about creating a light, airy feel. Hardware with a lighter-toned surface can create this vibe. When looking for hardware, especially a shower head, consider finishes such as brushed nickel or brass. These tones will seamlessly create a calm oasis.

6. Hang Eucalyptus

For a unique, earthy touch, consider hanging eucalyptus from your shower head. Not only will it add a boho element to complement your shower head, but it will also smell incredible and offer a soothing experience as you wash away the day’s stress. If possible, add eucalyptus essential oils into the shower head for a more invigorating and immersive experience.

7. Use Patterns

Although boho bathroom décor often focuses on pared-down color schemes, you don’t have to shy away from vibrant patterns altogether. A shower curtain with geometric patterns or Moroccan tile can have a stunning visual impact in a Bohemian bathroom, for instance. Just be strategic in your pattern placement and choose one focal point so as not to overwhelm the space.

8. Upgrade Lighting

One of the easiest ways to upgrade a bathroom is to swap out the light fixtures with more modern and unique varieties. Hanging rattan lights, for example, create a boho vibe, but there are also plenty of unique options for sconces and other types of wall-mounted lighting. If possible, try to match the lighting’s finish with the hardware in the bathroom for a unified look. 

9. Accessorize Sparingly

Personalize your boho-style bathroom by adding small decorations that reflect your unique style. A Himalayan sea salt lamp, for example, can create a zen, spa-like atmosphere, while candles can make for a soothing and fragrant bath. A wooden bowl filled with stones or shells is also a great way to cultivate a calming aesthetic.

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