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How Aromatherapy Makes Your Workday More Creative & Productive

For many people, creating an environment that’s conducive to productivity is an important step for starting the workday off right. From a mood-boosting playlist to ample natural light, there are many factors that shape your surroundings and support a creative, focused space where you can thrive. One element that often goes overlooked, however, is scent.

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a productive space, the aroma of your work environment can actually go a long way in fostering creativity and focus. And there’s no better way to produce the right aromatic experience than with essential oils. Here’s how fragrance can support your ideal working conditions to encourage productivity, innovation, and an overall boosted mood.

How Does Scent Boost Focus?

Inhaling pleasant scents can be an enjoyable experience in itself, but the science of scent and productivity goes deeper than that. Scent is strongly tied to the brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for regulating emotions and memories. As aromatic molecules are inhaled, they activate the limbic system and can have unique effects throughout the body—including the reduction of stress hormones in your blood. It’s no surprise that certain aromas can have varying effects on our mental and emotional state and how we perform at work.

Essential oils for office environments can stimulate employees’ productivity and even boost workplace outcomes. For instance, some have been shown to improve workers’ accuracy and speed, while others are linked to enhanced memory, alertness, and cognitive performance. Others still have been associated with reduced anxiety and an overall better mood, which could translate to better morale, satisfaction, and performance in the workplace.

While scent may seem like an insignificant detail, choosing the right aroma for your workspace can have a pronounced effect on everything from your ability to focus and meet deadlines, to your problem-solving and recall skills. With that in mind, it’s worth considering which essential oils you might incorporate into your work routine. 

The Best Essential Oils for Work Productivity

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Different aromas will have varying effects, so it’s important to take a thoughtful approach when choosing your essential oils for productivity. Some scents—like lavender—can actually have a less motivating effect, which is likely due to their soothing properties that might make you too relaxed for the workday. The goal is to strike a balance: you want to feel calm yet focused, stimulated but not stressed, and happy, yet engaged.

Here are a few essential oils for focus and productivity that you can use to start boosting your workdays.


Jasmine oil has been used in ancient medicine for centuries, known for its stimulating and mood-lifting properties. And since happy employees are also more productive, diffusing this essential oil can not only support a better mood but also help you meet your project deadlines. Find wild jasmine, amber, and orange oil for a smooth, floral fragrance in the Spring Jasmine blend, part of our Bloom Aroma Kit.


Bright and energizing, citrus scents can help you meet your work goals with enthusiasm and zest. Lemon, in particular, is believed to support mental clarity, boost alertness, and facilitate concentration. Try the fragrance in the Emerald Grove Blend within our Rituals Aroma Kit, or enjoy a rejuvenating citrus blend with warm amber in our Restore Aroma Kit.


Fresh and invigorating, eucalyptus can support a healthy workplace, both mentally and physically. With its antiseptic properties, it can help combat germs and support respiratory health. For a subtler take on the scent, diffuse Sweet Eucalyptus, which is included in our Restore Aroma Kit and also features crisp birch and honey.


When it’s time to wind down at the end of your workday, wrap up your remaining tasks and plan your next day’s tasks while diffusing rose essential oils. The scent can evoke feelings of comfort and is especially impactful when inhaled during planning activities. Find the fragrance of Freshwater Rose in our Sanctuary Aroma Kit.

Bringing Scent Into Your Workspace

Whether you work in an office or have your own work-from-home arrangements, the process of diffusing your favorite fragrance is simpler than ever with Canopy’s Portable Humidifier. Our new device uses first-of-its-kind hybrid humidification to provide hydration on the go, and in addition to alleviating dryness, it also offers innovative aroma diffusion.

Simply place our magnetized aroma tile on the top of the device and add a few drops of your desired essential oil blend for an aromatic effect that’s pleasant, not overpowering. Browse our aroma kits to find a fragrance that sparks creativity to help you feel inspired during a project or one that will have you feeling calm and focused after that big presentation.