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How to Create an At-Home Spa Experience in the Shower

Is there anything more relaxing than a long, hot shower? Standing under a warm water stream at the end of the day can melt your cares away. In the morning, it’s a soothing, stress-free way to start your daily routine.

Just cleaning up can help you feel better—but adding a few simple elements to your shower experience becomes a next-level spa experience. Here are a few simple ways to make your shower more serene. 

5 Tips for a More Relaxing Shower Experience

1. Keep It Clean

There’s nothing relaxing about an avalanche of empty shampoo bottles falling from the tub’s edge or a pile of dirty laundry in the corner. The first step to a serene showering experience is keeping the bathroom clean. Invest in storage pieces, like corner shelves with suction cups, to keep clutter at bay and toss or recycle product packaging as soon as it’s empty. Spritz a shower cleaner onto the walls and door or curtain to keep them sparkling clean and wipe up any soap scum and hair before it becomes a caked-on mess. These quick and easy steps keep the space as tranquil as possible.

2. Add Personal Touches 

Incorporating elements that make you happy can recreate a spa-like experience, even if you live in a tiny rental apartment. For example, a small bamboo stool can make shaving more comfortable, and a waterproof speaker is ideal for catching up on your favorite podcasts and playlists while you wash up. A luxurious shower head that filters impurities out of the water benefits your hair and skin, eliminates unpleasant odor, and rinses away all soap and cleansers thoroughly so you feel clean and refreshed.

3. Incorporate Scent 

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Adding aromatherapy is one of the best ways to turn your everyday shower into a spa shower. From richly scented bath products to candles, filling the bathroom with a pleasant scent can help you feel more energized, relaxed at the end of a long day, or simply happier when you luxuriate in the aroma. 

Eucalyptus is the classic choice for showering, as it clears the sinuses with its relaxing aroma, but choose your favorite scent. Shower melts incorporate scent into your bath time by infusing the steam with fragrance. You can also opt for a luxury shower head with replaceable scent pods that add intoxicating aromas to every shower. Choose a soothing floral to unwind in the evening or an uplifting citrus to start your day off right.

4. Invest in Quality Linens

After a relaxing shower, would you rather wrap yourself in a fluffy, soft towel or a thin, scratchy one? When it comes to towels, invest in the best quality you can afford for a little boost of luxury. Avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets when washing towels so they stay fluffy and absorbent. A warming towel bar offers even more post-shower coziness. 

5. Create a Ritual 

Spa experiences are all about chilling out and taking time to perform multi-step rituals with intention. For the most peaceful and relaxing shower when you want to unwind, give yourself time to perform a step-by-step self-care ritual. Start by dry brushing your skin to increase circulation and exfoliate dead skin, then cleanse with your favorite products and moisturize with body oils or rich lotions.

To get the most from a relaxing shower, stay present and focus on what you’re doing. When you give your attention to simple, repetitive activities, your mind can wander and consider new possibilities—you might even find that you uncover the solution to a tricky problem or a creative idea! 

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