How To Set Up Your Canopy Humidifier (Step-by-Step)

How To Set Up Your Canopy Humidifier (Step-by-Step)

You’ve purchased your Canopy humidifier. Check. The beautiful box stamped with our “Canopy” logo has arrived on your doorstep. Check. Now, it’s assembly time. We take you through the process of how to set up your humidifier for action and provide a few humidifier maintenance tips to keep your Canopy humidifier in tip-top shape. 

How to Set Up Your Canopy Humidifier

Wondering how to set up your Canopy humidifier? The process is super simple! In just three, simple steps (and one optional step), you will get to enjoy the exceptional benefits of increased humidity. 

Step 1: Remove your Canopy Humidifier from the box and set on a work surface. 

Assembling your Canopy Humidifier is easy.

First things, first. Remove your Canopy Humidifier from the box and set it on a work surface. You should have the following components: 

  • The Canopy Humidifier (includes water tank, fan componentry, paper filter, and water tray)
  • An aroma puck
  • Adaptor cord and wall plugin

Have everything? Great, you’re nearly halfway done! 

Step 2: Situate your device on its intended surface. Plug the device into your wall outlet. 

Place your Canopy device on the intended surface. If you are curious about where to put your humidifier in proximity to your bed or your infant’s crib, with Canopy Humidifier, there are no limitations or restrictions. Traditional humidifiers spew mist from the nozzle containing potentially harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Canopy releases UV-filtered moisture into your home space with no mist and absolutely no mess.

Plug the sleek Canopy cord into your device and the wall outlet to begin humidifying your space. If you have curious toddlers or a rambunctious household pet, make sure to place your Canopy Humidifier on a stable counter space with the cord hidden to avoid water spills. 

Step 3: Fill the water tank with water and close the lid tightly. Place the water tank cap side down into the designated space.

Fill your Canopy Humidifier water tank with tap water.

Canopy Humidifier is the only anti-mold humidifier. With embedded UV lights, a disposable paper filter, and Smart Persistent Airflow (SPA)™ technology that prompts your Canopy device to continue running until the unit is completely dry inside, there is absolutely no potential for mold or bacteria. As a result, your Canopy Humidifier is compatible with any type of water including tap water, distilled water, filtered water, and more. 

Fill your water tank with water and place the tank cap side down into the designated space on the tray. You should never move your Canopy Humidifier with water in the water tank to avoid spills and damaging the electrical componentry.

Step 4 (Optional): Add 2-5 drops of your desired essential oils to the Aroma Puck.

Add 2-5 drops of essential oil to your Canopy Humidifier for aromatherapy.

Canopy Humidifier has built-in aroma diffusion with the easy-to-use Aroma Puck. Simply place your Aroma Puck on the top grate and add 2-5 drops of your favorite Canopy aroma on top of the puck. As your Canopy Humidifier releases pure, hydrated air from the device, the therapeutic benefits of essential oils will encompass your space. The result is true bliss.

Step 5: Choose your setting and enjoy the wonderful benefits of hydrated air!

Canopy Humidifier offers three fan settings: low, medium, and high. In addition, the “Auto” mode offers a unique setting that increases fan speed at night, when your body and your skin need it most. 

Simply choose your preferred fan speed and enjoy the ample benefits of increased humidity in your home space. 

Canopy Humidifier Maintenance Tips

Canopy Humidifiers are very low maintenance; just a bit of TLC and a few regular maintenance tips will ensure longevity of your device allowing you to experience the benefits of elevated humidity in your home for years to come. 

Replace your filter on schedule 

The Canopy antimicrobial paper filter is designed to stop contaminants like dust, metals, and other particles in the water tank from entering your home air. In fact, our paper filters are 2x more efficient at removing contaminants from water than synthetic filters! Since these filters work overtime, they do need to be replaced every 45 days to ensure your Canopy Humidifier continues to release fresh, hydrated air into your home space. 

You can purchase a replacement filter for $15 on our site as needed, or you can enroll in our Replacement Filter Subscription for $10 every 45 days. No need to set an iPhone calendar reminder to “Purchase a New Canopy Filter.” We will auto-ship a replacement filter to your doorstep every 45 days. 

Deep clean your humidifier once per week or as needed.

Depending on how frequently you use your Canopy Humidifier, you will need to deep clean your humidifier once per week. 

Since our humidifier is equipped with Smart Persistent Airflow (SPA)™ technology, sensors know to continue running until the unit is completely dry inside. What does this mean? Unless you unplug your Canopy Device, you will never have to worry about stagnant water in your device. No mold, no bacteria, no yucky mess! The result is less cleaning, less worry, and a more enjoyable humidifying experience. 

How to Clean Your Canopy Humidifier

Cleaning your Canopy Humidifier is easy.

Cleaning your Canopy Humidifier could not be any easier. Canopy components are dishwasher safe, which means cleaning your humidifier device requires no manual labor. Simply pop the Canopy components in your dishwasher on a normal cycle, sit back, and relax as your dishwasher does the work.