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How to Use a Diffuser

When you think about self-care and wellness, are you giving yourself the full-body relaxation you deserve? Adding an essential oil diffuser to your home is a fantastic way to introduce your favorite scents while gaining the many benefits of aromatherapy. If you’re relatively new to using essential oils at home, you might not know how a diffuser works. This guide will teach you all about diffusers and help you get started.

What Is a Diffuser?

A diffuser is an electronic device that releases essential oils into the air, filling the room with fragrance. The concept of diffusion is not new. In the past, people would boil pots of water and add a few drops of oil. However, the boiling process damages the helpful compounds in essential oil, so the scent is much more subtle and less beneficial. Diffusers preserve the oil’s original chemical structure and give you its full, unrestricted benefits.

What Does a Diffuser Do?

There are a few different types of essential oil diffusers, and each functions differently. The most common variety is an ultrasonic diffuser. This tool contains an internal ceramic disc that vibrates to break down essential oils into tiny droplets, blends it with water, and agitates the water to release a fine, fragrant mist.

Canopy diffuser

We do things differently by using mist-free technology. Our standalone diffuser uses a fan to disperse the aroma. Just add the oil to a ceramic well or puck and start up the device to enjoy your favorite fragrance. Our humidifier uses the same ceramic puck and fan technology to evaporate water through a paper filter for clean, hydrated air filled with a gentle, relaxing scent.

Diffusing essential oils gives you a clean, easy way to breathe in the aromas that make you feel at peace. This can be a great alternative for those who want continuous fragrance without the hazard of a candle’s open flame. It creates a tranquil, relaxed ambiance that can help you unwind, particularly if you use the right essential oils. 

Chamomile, rose, bergamot, and orange are some of the best options for some much-needed R&R. If you’re feeling stressed, aromatherapy—specifically lavender oil—has been shown to soothe anxiety and boost moods. Reducing stress is essential for achieving a healthier body and mind. Having a tough time getting out of bed in the morning, or working through a midday slump? Citrus fragrances may have an energizing and invigorating effect when you’re drowsy or feeling down.

How to Use a Diffuser Correctly

1. Find a Good Spot to Place It

The device should be near an outlet, ideally in a room where you’d like to relax. Set it on a solid surface a couple of feet off the ground to allow for better fragrance distribution. Our standalone diffuser covers up to 400 square feet, while our humidifier covers up to 500 square feet, so you’ll be able to find beneficial locations throughout your home.

2. Add Water to the Humidifier Reservoir

If you’re using the standalone diffuser, don’t worry about this step. If you’re using the humidifier for hydration benefits plus aromatherapy, fill the tank with clean, room-temperature water and screw the cap on securely. Place the tank back on the tray and let the device get to work. Water will flow through the tray and be treated by UV light before it reaches the filter and fan.

3. Select Your Essential Oils

Next, pick out the aromatherapy oils you would like to use and add up to 5 drops to the diffuser puck or place the bottle upside down into the diffusion well. The puck is available in both the standalone diffuser and humidifier, while the puck is exclusive to the diffuser.

4. Choose Your Settings

Our diffuser offers two options for scent release. The puck is ideal for short-term use, while the well gives you long-lasting fragrance. The humidifier’s sensors tailor its performance to daytime and nighttime conditions for all-day comfort that keeps skin hydrated and helps alleviate respiratory symptoms—all while you enjoy your favorite energizing, inspiring, or relaxing scents.

We make it easy to keep your diffuser running perfectly, no matter how much you use it. Our convenient filter and aroma replacement options ensure you’ll always have the perfect ambiance at home. Check out our aroma kits for even more ways to create the ideal mood through fragrance.