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Is a Diffuser Right for Your Dorm Room?

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time for both new and returning students. From figuring out your class schedule to making your dorm feel like home, there’s so much that goes into making the semester a successful one. 

Since dorm rooms are filled with hundreds of students, it’s natural for smells to linger from hall to hall. Food, unwashed clothing, and athletic equipment are just a few of the odors synonymous with student housing. At this point, you might be wondering whether it’s worth getting a diffuser for your room to make it feel cleaner, fresher, and more peaceful.

Diffusers offer a variety of benefits that every college student could benefit from, especially after a busy week and when exam time rolls around. If your campus permits small personal devices, think about all the reasons a diffuser is worth picking up. 

4 Benefits of Using a Diffuser in a Dorm Room

1. Reduces Smells 

When living in a dorm, the proximity to your roommates and other rooms can cause unpleasant smells to travel quickly. Additionally, bathrooms and kitchens can develop mildew or musty scents, which can be difficult to get rid of or mask.

A diffuser can help create a more welcoming environment. You can choose from an array of essential oils, from ones that remind you of home to ones that can help you relax. Essential oils are an excellent alternative to plug-in wall scents, as they contain fewer toxins and promote healthy air.

2. Improves Air Quality

Adding aroma oil to Canopy diffuser

A diffuser that uses essential oils distributes your chosen scent slowly, yet effectively. Canopy’s diffuser uses a mist-free technology, which means that a fan distributes the scent evenly without pumping anything else into the air, further reducing contaminants. 

 While defeating smells is one way to help boost your air quality, using a humidifier with a diffuser component could further help promote clean air. Canopy's cool mist humidifier absorbs water from the tank and into the filter. A fan then pushes evaporated, hydrated air into the room for a mist-free experience. This helps reduce contaminants and promotes cleaner air. This humidifier also comes equipped with an aroma diffuser for twice the boost in air quality.

3. Keeps Colds Away

Dorms can be riddled with bacteria and viruses. Luckily, diffusers and humidifiers can help improve your chances of staying cold-free. Dry air can irritate the body’s nose and throat, making it easier to become sick. A humidifier with a diffuser component can help prevent common colds and the flu by moistening the airways.

Additionally, choosing essential oils with antibacterial or soothing benefits, such as bergamot or eucalyptus, can help clean your air. Choose oils with soothing properties, such as peppermint oil for a cough or lavender oil for a more restful night’s sleep.

4. Relieves Stress

From exams to hectic class schedules, college can be full of potential stressors. Choosing the right essential oils for your diffuser can help keep you calm and relaxed. Choose lavender or chamomile essential oils to help promote a more restful and peaceful sleep. Peppermint, eucalyptus, sage, and rosemary essential oils boost focus, while ylang-ylang and sandalwood have relaxing and soothing properties.

How to Maintain Your Diffuser

Once you’ve begun using your aroma diffuser, remember to maintain it for safety and functionality. Since our Aroma Diffuser uses waterless technology, cleaning it is a breeze. With a warm cloth, wipe down the body and top grate of the diffuser thoroughly to remove and build up from the essential oils. Allow the component to fully dry before using it again.

If you’re using the Bedside Humidifier, you can either hand wash the tank or place it directly into the dishwasher for a hassle-free experience. The humidifier’s body should remain completely dry, however, as the electric components are stored in this area. To remove dust build-up, wipe the fan with a damp cloth. Pair your device with your favorite Canopy aromas for a personalized way to kick off the new semester.