Mother and child enjoying foliage on a fall day

The Best Essential Oil Scents for Fall

Can you guess which season is the most loved? It may not come as a surprise that nearly half of adults say fall is their favorite time of year. Colorful leaves, football games, pumpkin patches, cozy sweaters, and other autumn delights make it easy to understand why. 

If you’re a fellow fall-lover, you may be looking forward to coming home to warm, spicy, and comforting scents. Adding essential oils to your diffuser is the perfect touch to celebrate the season and put some fall into the air (literally), but where do you start? 

Whether you have a specific aromatherapy goal or just want to make your home smell amazing, add a few drops of these fall essential oils to your diffuser.

5 Autumnal Essential Oils Guaranteed to Boost Your Spirits 

1. Clove 

Spicy and immediately recognizable, a few drops of clove oil can make your space feel warm and comforting. Clove is known for its energizing properties, which can come in handy on those chilly days when you feel like hibernating. Smoky Truth from our new Intentions scent collaboration with Alli Webb features rich clove notes that feel like a cozy hug.

2. Orange 

Sweet orange oil is a perennial favorite in any season with its bright citrus aroma. Consider trying a deeper blood-orange aroma as a fall alternative. Orange essential oils make a fantastic base for oil blends with cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and other warm scents. You’ll find this zesty scent as part of Spring Jasmine in our Bloom aroma kit, the perfect choice for a bright, crisp morning. Orange Neroli, from our Canopy X Curie aroma kit, is another invigorating option. Treat your little one to a sweet-smelling space with Rise from our Little Dreams aroma kit.

3. Vanilla

Adding fragrance to Canopy humidifier

One of the most universally loved scents, vanilla is sweet and comforting, conjuring memories of fall baking. It’s the perfect base for blending with other fall essential oils, but it also works well on its own. Try this scent in Desert Light from our Intentions aroma kit to fill your home with earthy, inviting fragrance. Enjoy some downtime with Mommy Needs a Minute, a vanilla and floral blend found in the Skinny Confidential winter aroma kit. For a truly relaxing aromatherapy experience, try Lull from our Little Dreams aroma kit.

4. Woodsy Notes

Want to capture the feeling of a magical walk through the fall woods? Put a few drops of cedarwood oil into your diffuser and feel transported to the great outdoors. Herbal Musk in our Bloom aroma kit will fill your home with a bold scent that brings a bit of nature indoors. If you prefer a deeper, smokier wood aroma, try juniper berry for a hint of pine and spice. Indigo Sage from our Rituals aroma kit is an earthy, refreshing blend that will help you feel comfortable and focused.

5. Fir 

Although fir scents like pine and balsam are often associated with the holiday season, including a few drops in your blend of essential oils for fall adds an element of the great outdoors. Our Alli Webb collaboration kit mixes balsam with mandarin orange and clove to create Smoky Truth, a rich and sophisticated aroma. 

Give your home fresh fall vibes with Canopy’s aroma diffuser. Whether you invest in an easy-to-use Aroma Puck or drop your favorite essential oils into the diffuser well, you’ll enjoy safe, water-free home fragrance without worrying about bacteria or particles in the air. As the air gets cooler and dryer, add your favorite fall fragrances to your Bedside Humidifier or Humidifier Plus to refresh your favorite rooms. Explore the collection today and add some seasonal delights to your home.