Woman preparing for everything shower

What Is an Everything Shower?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you may have come across a new trend known as the “everything shower.” This ultimate suds session incorporates multiple steps for pampering your skin and hair. While we’re all for self-care, is this TikTok shower actually beneficial? Here’s what you should know.

What Is an Everything Shower?

Even if you’re active on social media, you may still find yourself asking, “What is an everything shower?” Chances are that you may already be practicing some form of the everything shower without even knowing it.

There are several possible variations, but in general, the practice incorporates different cleansing and nourishing steps for your hair, face, and body. It also involves pre-shower steps as well as post-shower care. While steps vary from one routine to the next, most incorporate the following:

  •         Pre-shower body exfoliation (such as dry brushing)
  •         Scalp treatment
  •         Shampoo
  •         Hair mask
  •         In-shower face and/or body exfoliation  
  •         Body wash
  •         Shaving
  •         Hair rinse
  •         Facial cleansing
  •         Face mask
  •         Lip scrub

Some routines also call for nail care, such as clipping and shaping.

Woman braiding hair

If all this sounds overwhelming, don’t stress. There’s no need to incorporate everything showers into your routine if they don’t appeal to you. For some people, though, they can have benefits. 

Following a routine can be beneficial in itself, as committing to a practice and completing steps can give you a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, indulging in some self-care that goes above and beyond your ordinary routine can leave you feeling refreshed.

If an everything shower appeals to your self-care routine, remember to limit these sessions to once a week or every other week. Exposing your skin and hair to hot water, along with so many products, could actually backfire and cause more issues. For this reason, we’re sharing some tips on how to streamline your everything shower.

How Can You Streamline an Everything Shower?

Long, hot showers can dry the skin out, removing its natural moisture barrier. The same goes for your hair: Too much hot water can leave strands dry and brittle. If you still want to reap the benefits of the trending TikTok shower without risking more damage, here’s what we suggest.

Stay Dry

Protect your skin by staying in the water for about 10 minutes max to avoid stripping away your skin’s natural oils. That means any steps you can do outside the shower—including dry brushing, scalp treatments, washing your face, and allowing your hair and face masks to sit—should be outside the shower.

Avoid Hot Water

Hot water has the most damaging effects when it comes to drying your skin and hair out. Aim for lukewarm showers to maximize the benefits in the winter and cool water in the summer.

Split the Steps

Shaving, shampooing, conditioning, applying body wash, and rinsing can be time-consuming. When you start adding more activities, it’s easy to see how the everything shower could become a lengthy process. The good news is that self-care doesn’t have to be limited to just one day a week. You could break the routine up over multiple sessions so you’re under the warm water for shorter bursts.

Start at the Source

A final but important consideration is the water itself. Water that is high in minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, is more likely to cause issues like dryness and irritation. This type of hard water is also found in up to 85% of U.S. homes. But there is a solution: Swapping out your standard shower head for a filtered one can mitigate the damage to hair and skin caused by hard water.

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