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How Fragrance Can Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is an effective tool used to combat stress, restore a sense of calm, and increase well-being. The objective of meditation is to free oneself of thoughts that trigger stress, fear, and anxiety by focusing on the present moment. Scent is a powerful tool that allows you to connect your mind and body, which is why aromatherapy meditation is so popular. Essential oils can enhance your meditation practice at home—and it’s easy to get started.    

How Fragrance Is Used for Meditation

Inhaling different essential oils can evoke different responses within the body. This has to do with how our sense of smell affects the limbic system. First, the oil molecules penetrate the olfactory bulbs in the nose. These structures are part of the brain and interpret information about different scents.  

Certain fragrances aid focus, which will help you remain grounded. This can prevent your mind from wandering during meditation. There are also essential oils that elicit a calm response, which can evoke inner peace and keep stress at bay. Aromas that aid relaxation can ease tension, allowing you to refocus on the present moment, specific emotions, physical sensations, and breathing. 

Essential Oils to Try

Diffusing essential oils is a popular way to practice aromatherapy meditation. There are various essential oils for meditation, so select aromas that you already find pleasant and uplifting and help you feel balanced and calm.  


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Extracting from the roots of the vetiver grass plant, vetiver essential oil’s bold earthy and woody aroma prompts alertness, so you can remain grounded and concentrate on mindfulness or focus attention on a specific object or thought. The Suede Smoke blend in our Sanctuary by Canopy Aroma Kit features this heady fragrance. 


Studies show that bergamot is a citrus essential oil that stands out for its ability to ease depression symptoms. Taken from the rinds of the fruit on bergamot orange trees, deeply inhale this citrusy scent to elevate your spirits. Bergamot features in several of our blends, including Unwind in the Unwind by Canopy Aroma Kit and Beach Flower in the Coastals by Canopy Aroma Kit.


With its sweet, floral scent, lavender is often used to dilute the intensity of other essential oils. It comes from the flower of the lavender plant and is known for its ability to alleviate anxiety for a better night’s slumber. Try it in our Lull blend—found in the Little Dreams by Canopy Aroma Kit—during meditation before bedtime to aid relaxation. 


Sourced from the needles, berries, bark, and leaves of a cedar tree, cedarwood essential oil has a familiar, mildly spicy and woody aroma. The oil contains cedrol, a type of alcohol present in conifers. According to studies, cedrol has soothing properties that reduce anxiety, which can help you de-stress. Use it for afternoon meditation as part of the Midday blend in our Canopy x Open Spaces Aroma Kit

Benefits Associated With Clarity & Relaxation

Being able to focus your attention with aromatherapy meditation can help you release negative emotions and crippling thoughts to achieve mental clarity. When your state of mind is focused and clear, it becomes easier to make decisions and leave the past behind you.  

The soothing properties in essential oil curb stress and anxiety to help you remain relaxed—and this mental and physical state has mood-boosting benefits. Relaxation can also improve your physical well-being by preventing muscle tension, reducing blood pressure and heart rate, and increasing circulation.    

Incorporating the best essential oils for relaxation into your routine can be as easy as plugging in a waterless diffuser. The Canopy diffuser releases aroma into the air to fill up to 400 square feet of space with soothing, calming fragrances. Place a few drops of oil onto the ceramic diffusion puck, or put the whole bottle into the inner diffusion well for gentle, long-lasting scent.

Get even more benefits out of your aromatherapy session with a humidifier. Our original humidifier is designed to hydrate rooms up to 500 square feet, while the larger Humidifier Plus is perfect for spaces up to 1,000 square feet. Both have space for diffusion pucks, so you can add your favorite scent and even rotate between your favorites depending on your mood and relaxation needs.