Mother and daughter enjoying flowers on a sunny day

The Best Floral & Botanical Aromas for Your Diffuser

As the days get longer, and the weather gets better, the smell of rain and blooming flowers fill the air. Using the powers of aromatherapy can help you celebrate the season—without the pollen exposure and sneezing. Below are our favorite woodsy, herbaceous, and floral essential oils and where you’ll find them in our aroma kit lineup. Treat your Canopy diffuser to something fresh and exciting!

5 Aromas to Put You in a Spring State of Mind

1. Lavender

One of the most versatile essential oils, lavender is often used as a sleep aid and because it creates a sense of calmness. Lavender is a soothing scent that brings the feel of a sunny, spring day walking through a meadow. You’ll find this scent in many of our aroma kits:

2. Cedarwood

The warm scent of cedar has long been used to help alleviate stress. The rich, calming aroma can help you feel centered and grounded, so you can keep up with the hustle and bustle of a busy season. Here’s where you’ll find cedar essential oil:

  • Herbal Musk warms up a sage and hemp blend as part of our new Bloom by Canopy kit
  • Midday is a sage and cedarwood blend found in our Canopy x Open Spaces kit
  • Orange Neroli is a stimulating blend of neroli, cedarwood, and citrus that comes in our Canopy x Curie kit

3. Bergamot

Filling diffusion well of Canopy diffuser

With a pleasantly warm and almost citrusy scent, bergamot is often used to ease agitation and restore balance to the senses. If you enjoy a cup of Earl Gray tea, you’ll love adding this oil to your diffuser in one of our special blends:

  • Unwind is Canopy’s signature scent, a blend of bergamot and tea blossom
  • Beach Flower is a bright, beachy scent that combines bergamot, blue agave, and sweet cactus as part of our Coastals by Canopy kit
  • Dawn contains bergamot and tea blossom for an energizing addition to the Canopy x Open Spaces kit
  • Grapefruit Cassis is a sweet, invigorating blend of pink grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon found in the Canopy x Curie kit

4. Chamomile

You’ve probably heard about the restorative nature of chamomile tea, which is often used to help induce sleep and alleviate mental and emotional distress. Chamomile essential oil has many of the same benefits, creating a sense of relaxation and providing the basis for deeper and more restorative rest. Chamomile is part of Salt Cave, a warm, soothing blend in the Rituals x Canopy kit.

5. Greenery

While flowers are considered the stars of the season, refreshing green scents and rich herbal scents can also give you a slice of nature. Eucalyptus oil helps ease decongestion so you can breathe easier. You’ll find it in Greenhouse, part of the Canopy x The Sill kit, and Botanica in the Prose x Canopy kit. The Greenhouse blend also features ivy, another oil recognized as a decongestant.

Refresh your environment this spring with a captivating new aroma kit. Add it to your Canopy waterless diffuser for targeted aromatherapy while you read, work, or relax. Turn your bedroom or home office into an oasis by adding an aroma puck to your original humidifier, or use the Humidifier Plus to enjoy the scents of the season throughout your home.