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Which Essential Oil Scents Are Synonymous With Summer?

An essential oil diffuser is a handy tool used for aromatherapy, a practice that involves dispersing your favorite fragrances into the air to evoke different physical and emotional responses. 

Nature comes to life with the zesty scent of citrus fruit, romantic floral notes, and other subtle and bold smells during summertime. Now imagine bringing those scents into your home so you can beat the heat and still enjoy the best the season has to offer.

4 Fresh Fragrance Picks for Summer

1. Cool Down & Focus With Peppermint

Many people consider peppermint the quintessential winter aroma, as it conjures images of white and red striped candies, snow-covered cityscapes, and festive stockings hung by the chimney. The popular herb contains high levels of menthol. The organic compound interacts with receptors in the skin to deliver the all-too-familiar cooling sensation that combats heat during the warmer months.

This summer scent essential oil is a brain booster as well. According to studies, the smell of peppermint enhances mental clarity and focus.

Don’t want to only rely on the air conditioner for relief from the heat this summer? Then put the Peppermint Twist blend from the Laneige x Canopy Aroma Kit in your diffuser. Inhale the cooling menthol to feel refreshed and invigorated. Fill your home office with the crisp aroma to stay on task during lazy summer Fridays when your mind starts to wander. If you tend to experience summer allergies, the whiff of menthol can ease congestion, headaches and migraines.   

2. De-Stress & Deodorize With Grapefruit

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Summer can be a stressful time of the year for some individuals, as the heat could make anxiety symptoms worse. Grapefruit is another essential oil for summer to include in your seasonal aromatherapy ritual. The lively, tangy fragrance can help keep stress and blood pressure levels low

Beyond restoring a sense of calm, the Grapefruit Cassis blend in the Canopy x Curie Aroma Kit can create a more pleasant living space for your family. That’s because the smell of pink grapefruit, lemon oil and sweet bergamot neutralizes musky smells that linger in the air after kids and pets come back inside from playing outdoors.   

3. Feel the Romance With Jasmine

Similar to grapefruit essential oil, the fruity and floral scent of jasmine also has an uplifting effect to beat the summer blues. When you’re feeling slow and sluggish, diffuse the Forest blend from the Canopy x The Sill Aroma Kit. The mix of wild jasmine, transparent amber, and green musk provides a much-needed energy boost to tackle a busy summer schedule that is jam-packed with fun activities. 

As a bonus, the aromatic essential oil for summer can put you in the mood for romance. The next time you have a starlit picnic in the backyard with your partner, open the windows and let the scent waft outside.  

4. Feel Well-Rested With Lavender

With kids on break from school and parents taking extra vacation days, your family’s strict bedtime schedule might fall by the wayside as soon as summer starts. The inconsistent routine can make it harder to fall asleep, as the body may struggle to adapt to different sleeping schedules. If it’s muggy in bedrooms, the heat won’t make matters any better.

Lavender essential oil is an effective sleep aid due to its sedative properties. To achieve a restful slumber during long summer nights, use the Dusk blend from the Canopy x Open Spaces Aroma Kit in your diffuser. If stress keeps you up at night, inhaling the herbal, sweet and tangy trio of lavender, vanilla and lime can help you feel less anxious as well. 

Canopy offers plenty of options for aromatherapy at home, whether you want a targeted fragrance next to your favorite chair, a fresh scent filling the room, or an alluring aroma throughout the house. Try our waterless diffuser for a quick pick-me-up, Our original humidifier is the perfect companion in rooms up to 500 square feet, while the Humidifier Plus is specially designed for spaces up to 1,000 square feet.