What is a Portable Humidifier?

What is a Portable Humidifier?

A humidifier is an invaluable home tool that can dramatically improve your quality of life. How do you choose the best humidifier for your home space with so many options from which to choose? What is the difference between a portable humidifier and a whole house humidifier? How do you choose the best portable humidifier for your home space? 

We answer all of your burning questions about portable humidifiers in this blog. Read on to learn about portable humidifiers and how to choose the best portable humidifier for your unique needs. 

What is a Portable Humidifier?

A portable humidifier, like most humidifiers, is a device that elevates humidity levels in the surrounding environment. The key difference between a portable humidifier and a whole house humidifier is that a portable humidifier is mobile, and can be moved from room to room or space to space with ease. 

The Benefits of Using a Portable Humidifier

Portable humidifiers, in comparison to whole house humidifiers, are versatile, compact, and can accommodate your ever-changing needs. Aside from the obvious portability perk, portable humidifiers are overflowing with health and wellness benefits for you, your family, your home, and your plants!

The following is a non-exhaustive list of humidifier benefits:

  • Improve overall health of skin and reduce dryness, redness, and irritation
  • Prevent the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Reduce severity of cold and flu symptoms 
  • Improve asthma symptoms
  • Improve allergy symptoms 
  • Improve congestion and breathing in infants
  • Improve sleep quality and reduce snoring
  • Improve scalp and hair quality
  • Eliminate static electricity in the home
  • Improve plant health and appearance
  • Improve quality and prevent damage of of wood foundation, flooring, and furniture

How to Choose a Portable Humidifier

So, how do you choose the best portable humidifier for your specific needs? With so many types of humidifiers available on the market, shopping for a portable humidifier can be overwhelming. 

Not all humidifiers are created equal. When shopping for the best portable humidifier for your space, there are four features to consider: portability, tank capacity, output, and design.  


A portable humidifier is beneficial for travel

Of course, when searching for the best portable humidifier for your space, you want a humidifier that is… well, portable. 

There are varying levels of portability to consider, however. Do you plan to transport your portable humidifier from your home to your office space? Do you want a humidifier that can travel in your luggage as you explore the world? Or, do you plan to move your humidifier from room to room as necessary? The best portable humidifier for you is dependent on your intended use. 

Tank Capacity

The second most important feature to consider is tank capacity or run time. How long do you intend to use your portable humidifier at any given time? Are you searching for an all-day or an all night portable humidifier? Or, do you plan to use your humidifier for short bursts of time? These considerations will determine the best portable humidifier for your space. 

If you plan to use your humidifier through the night, a portable humidifier with at least an 8-10 hour run time is necessary to optimize humidity levels while you sleep. If you live in a geographically dry climate or you frequently rely on central heating to keep your home warm during the winter months, you need a humidifier with a larger tank, and subsequently, a longer run time. 

A small water tank equates to shorter run times and more frequent tank refills. Tank capacity and run time requirements are entirely based on your individual needs. 


What is the square footage of the space (or spaces) you intend to humidify? You will need a humidifier with a square footage output comparable to the largest space you plan to place your new, portable humidifier

Here’s an example: if you would like to place a humidifier in your bedroom at night and in your living room during the day, you will need to calculate the square footage of both rooms. Let’s say your bedroom is 300 square feet, and your living room is 500 square feet, you will need a humidifier with a 500 square foot output. 


Humidifier design is a key factor in choosing a portable humidifier.

While design is unrelated to efficacy, the best portable humidifier will have a sleek, low key design that will match a myriad of spaces. The last thing you want from a portable humidifier is a device that looks great in your living room, but clashes with your home office decor (especially if your humidifier is visible in your Zoom frame). 

Canopy Humidifier

Canopy Humidifier is a no-mist, anti-mold humidifier with a lightweight, compact design fit for any space. Canopy’s proprietary anti-mold technology features embedded UV lights, which kill 99.9% of contaminants in the water tank. A disposable paper filter traps any remaining bacteria or debris before releasing pure, hydrated air into your space. 

Canopy Humidifier has a 2.5 liter tank with 36 hours of continuous run time. With just 1 button, you can choose from 3 fan speeds (high, medium, and low) or “auto” mode, which increases humidity levels at night when your skin and body need it the most.  

Canopy Humidifier has a sleek, minimalist base with 6 color options to fit your space, whatever your style. Additionally, Canopy is designed with dishwasher safe components for easy maintenance and a built-in essential oil diffuser for added therapeutic benefits.